Penfold Plastics Ltd.

Do you provide anything to help me handle my uPVC waste on site?

YES! In the case of you using our container collection service we will provide tipper bins to help you load, move and unload your uPVC waste into our containers.

What is your collection turnaround time?

We aim to turn around our container collections within 3 working days, most of the time it is sooner than this and is done within two days.

How much can you give me for my waste PVC

The prices of PVC are changing all the time so for the latest prices please contact us.

What are your payment terms?

Once we have received your material into our yard, payment is normally made within 14 days using a direct transfer straight to your account.

Are you fully certified to collected and dispose of our waste?

YES! We have all the valid certificates available on request, we are registered with the Environment Agency and fully comply with all Duty of Care requirements, providing you with waste transfer notices at regular intervals to keep you compliant as well.

Can you provide a complete audit trail for collection of our waste?

YES! With our specially designed database systems we are able to keep track of your collection at a click of a button and produce any information about volumes or wastes on and the status of any payments on your request just get us a ring. This system is fully integrated into our Duty of Care requirements above so your records can be kept 100% accurate and up-to-date.