Penfold Plastics Ltd.

From the uPVC waste we collect we produce a selection of different grades of uPVC regrind which can be re-extruded back into new products from paint rollers to pipe and even to new windows.

White uPVC regrinds

This is our primary production product, it is pre-sorted then granulated down. We can attain a high grade of white regrind PVC-u though our advanced sorting equipment utilising metal detection and separation, colour sorting and removal and several fines extraction processes. This results in a very clean dust free white PVC-u product suitable for extrusion into a high quality end product.

Jazz uPVC regrinds

Another one of our primary products is our mixed colour uPVC regrind, commonly called 'Jazz' in the industry. This goes thought many of the same process as our white regrind does and is metal detected and dust extracted to the same high standard, minus the colour separation process of course.

PVC powders and pulvers

One of our secondary products we come across in this industry is PVC-u in its purer form of powder. We deal with a wide verity of powders. More details of what we currently have in stock are available on request.