Penfold Plastics Ltd.

At Penfold Plastics Ltd we recycle most of the factory grade scrap which we can produce from the making of uPVC windows.

PVC Offcuts

This is the main type of product which we collect and recycle from fabricators who choose us as there recycling solution. This by-product in making a uPVC window can easily be recycled back into a high grade product.

PVC Bar length scrap

We also provide a service to collect any old stock bar length scrap either in large 6m stillages or arrangements can be made to load into large containers. This saves time having to cut up the material in order to fit in into small containers or cages.

PVC Headwaste

For systems company who are making profiles and extrusions can offer the facilities to collect and process your end of line headwaste or rejected products for recycling. This is often done through the use of the large container collection system delivered and collected at your works.

PVC Regrind and Powders

For other PVC recyclers and processors we can offer competitive prices on various grades of PVC regrinds and powders. We have developed in-house processes specially to deal with and clean a wide variety of different grades of PVC. We would be happy to discuss your needs and requirements.